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Balance Disorder Testing

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Balance Point is a comprehensive diagnostic center for people experiencing dizziness and imbalance for a variety of reasons. This highly specialized area includes the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of balance disorders.

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Once we’ve examined your symptoms and medical history, we will choose the best test (or series of tests) that will help us discover possible solutions.

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Experienced Professionals

With years of both study and practice, each member of the Balance Point team is ready to offer you top-notch medical care.

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Once we’ve identified the cause of your balance issues, we will work with you and your health care provider to determine what the next step for you will be.

At Balance Point, we understand how dizziness and imbalance affect your life. We’re ready to help.

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Dizziness and imbalance are not normal parts of aging and they’re not something to just put up with. No matter what your age or other medical issues, Dr. Copeland and the highly experienced audiologists can assess your situation, perform appropriate tests and develop a specific plan of care to help you feel better.

Reach out to us for more information, or call your doctor today for a referral.

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